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Deeper Trouble is a text based MUD which was first created in the early 1990s. Originally based on a tolkienesque world, it has grown and evolved into a unique virtual world filled with strange and wonderful creatures and places.

Immerse yourself in a well described textual world, filling in the gaps with your own imagination. Earn experience in combat and on special quests, learning new skills along the way. Join a specialized guild to add to those skills. Become a merchant to help the economy of the world and supply your fellow players with valuable goods. Socialise with your fellow players, team up with them to become more powerful. With enough experience you can even get your very own dragon!

To enter Artesia, the world of Deeper Trouble, follow the link above, or use your favourite telnet client to connect to host on port number 4242.

When you connect you will be asked to create a new character name. You will also get to choose the gender and race of your new character. Explore this website to find out about the different races you can choose from.
Latest News
Open for public
By Gringo | 06-01-2009
The new site is now done, and open for the public. We have been working really hard on the site, and hope you will all enjoy it!

Please come and visit the site often, so that we can keep it updated and full of life.

New features will come with time, so hopefully there will be something for everyone.
New homepage
By Gringo | 28-12-2008
We are currently working on our new homepage, some sections of the page may not work. Please have patience, and come back soon.

You can always visit the game through a telnet client on the following address:

Hope to see you soon.